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The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat


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Designed by Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Dana, the Well Baby Tummy Time Mat has a patented, ergonomic design that helps babies obtain the essential developmental benefits of tummy time. The unique shape and material provides the ideal amount of support so your baby can be comfortable and happy during tummy time.

Promotes Development

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat helps promote core strength and gross motor skills. Babies who enjoy tummy time are more likely to scoot, sit and crawl on time. The mat's wavy resistance ribs provide ideal contours for babies to push against with their hands and toes. These are the movements that help babies develop essential skills and strength.

Because the surface of the mat is soft and tactile, babies are interested in grasping and reaching different parts of the mat. This helps promote fine and gross motor strength.


Practical and Productive

The material is soft and easy to clean. Babies may drool and spit up during tummy time. Unlike cloth or porous mats, the Well Baby Tummy Time Mats smooth surface is easily wiped clean so it can be used many times each day. It is easy to use and a fun, productive way to spend time with your baby.


Meets Challenges Parents Face

Many parents struggle to keep a baby happy during tummy time because the baby is not comfortable. An unhappy baby that fusses often goes right back into the bouncy chair, car seat or swinging chair, where development does not occur as quickly. The simple, streamlined design of the Well Baby Tummy Time Mat provides the elements for successful tummy time sessions. We want your baby to enjoy tummy time and reach developmental milestones on time.

The Well Baby Tummy Time Mat is the perfect gift for any baby shower!


Check Complies with ASTM F 963, CA Prop 65 and CPSIA Toy safety standards.

Check Made with recyclable EVA material containing NO PVC, Phalates, BPA or Formaldehydes.

Check Easy to clean, store and use frequently.

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